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| Rendering | Visualization | Animation | Multimedia |

| our service |
Visualization of Design - realistic or abstract rendering modes of perspectives for:
Urban Planning - Architecture - Interior - Landscape Design
The price for each rendering differs in a range of 600, - to 1800, - Euro, depending on the complexity of
the design and the viewpoint, which is chosen according to You preference - bird-view, area-view,
eye-view, detail, day or night.
The processing time takes normally 4 - 10 days, depending on the complexity of the design and
communication frequency between you and us.

 | we also offer |
Animations & Multimedia Presentations for advertisement or interactive user modes.
Physical Models from wood, plastic and acrylic glass.
For all our services we ask You to deliver cad-drawings (.dwg) or reasonable sketches as well as
atmospheric images and samples of materials (photos), to be able to meet Your expectations for the finished product.

Contact us for further information and by phone, mail or skype:

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